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As the summer fades away and evenings become cooler, the fall months of our year left many of us feeling comfortable and secure. After all, the changing of the leaves and the longing for something different is already setting in. But, with the reality of fall and the cooler temperatures come across different medical issues that can come up with home health and hospice care.

For many, starting the fall and beginning the winter brings about a flurry of changes in the weather and the temperatures. Those differences can make it harder to care for someone who is ill and sick. It can also make it harder for those in home health and hospice care to stay comfortable and safe.

For those in home health care, falls during the winter months can have a large impact on their health. With the colder temperatures and wetter conditions, falls can happen more often. That’s why home health care teams must be extra vigilant in helping to protect those that they are taking care of. The extra precautions and extra care to prevent falls is critical in order to keep those in home health care safe during the winter.

Home health care teams and those in hospice care can also take extra precautions during the winter to help those in their care remain comfortable. With cooler temperatures, patients can be more susceptible to illness. So, hospice and home care must make sure that patients have plenty of blankets, warm drinks, and warmer foods to remain comfortable. It’s also important to make sure that patients are wearing the proper fit of clothing to stay warm.

Again, the colder winter months can also make it harder for family caregivers to provide care. As the temperatures drop, the amount of time outside can be more limited. That’s why families need to make sure that they take extra care to ensure that their loved ones are warm and comfortable during these colder months.

Those in home health and hospice and family caregivers can also turn to the change of the season as a reminder to take extra precautions. As the leaves change, the temperatures change, and the days become shorter and shorter, remember to take that extra time to care for yourself and your loved ones during the colder winter months. After all, a little extra care and comfort can go a long way during these times.