Home Health Care

CaringEdge Mission

We are passionately committed to making a difference. By providing services of the highest quality and value, we promote health and independence in the convenience of each patient’s home setting.

What Will CaringEdge Provide For You?

CaringEdge Home Health brings wellness where you need it, at home. From helping with medications or managing your chronic conditions, to assisting as you recover from surgery or an injury, we can help you feel peace of mind. CaringEdge clinicians partner with you and your medical providers so they have the most current updates on your health. Home health is designed to help you meet your individual goals with added safety and comfort. 

When you choose CaringEdge, you’ll receive high-quality healthcare from a team of professionals to give you independence:

skilled nursing

Skilled Nursing

  • 24-hour on-call availability
  • Rehab nursing
  • Medication teaching and management
  • Patient and family education
  • Wound care
medical social worker

Medical Social Worker

  • Emotional and grief counseling
  • Assistance with community resources
  • Long-term planning
registered dietitian

Registered Dietitian

  • Dietary consulting for diabetes and other illnesses/conditions

How Can I Qualify?

  • Insurance (including Medicare/Medicaid)
  • Private pay

We can check your eligibility! For more details on what your Medicare and/or private insurance plan will cover, please contact CaringEdge. 

Medicare Quick Facts

Medicare Part A covers eligible home health services*
Your cost in traditional Medicare is $0 for home health services and 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for durable medical equipment*

5 Common Home Health Myths

Home Health Services are expensive, I'll never be able to afford it.

Cost is determined by the length of time and services provided AND a part of the cost is often covered by Medicare*.

Home Health means full-time, 24/7 care is required.

Home health patients receive varying hours of care per week. Care and schedules are customized to each individual. Dedicated clinicians will assess your needs and goals, as well as your environment, and work with you on your health goals.

To qualify for Home Health services you must be unable to leave your home.

Patients receiving home health services must be considered “homebound,” which means any absences from the home are infrequent, short, and require a taxing effort. Patients may still leave their homes to meet medical needs (i.e. – doctor appointments, dialysis, etc.)

I can't use Home Health services if I live in a senior living community.

Home health services can be utilized in your own private home, or your apartment at just about any senior living community, including Edgewood.

I have no say in who comes into my home to provide care.

Your safety, security, and comfort are paramount. We carefully match caregivers and patients, taking each of your preferences and personalities into account.

Now that we have debunked some of the common myths, let’s discuss some of the indicators that Home Health services may be right for you:

Have you been diagnosed with a new illness or an ongoing illness that you need help managing?

Were you hospitalized recently?

Has your medication changed recently?

Is it difficult to leave your home for medical appointments?

Do you require skilled nursing services?

Do you require therapy services?

Do you find daily activites difficult to accomplish?

Would you rather be cared for at home?

if you answered YES to any of these questions, then home health care may be right for you. Talk to your physician or contact us today at 877.651.5839.

*This material has been prepared solely for the purpose of providing general information and is not intended as a guarantee of coverage or as a legal document. Medicare policy changes frequently; our employees, agents and staff make no representation, warranty or guarantee that this Medicare information is error-free and will bear no responsibility or liability for the results or consequences of the use of this material or any information contained within as a reference. For additional information regarding Medicare please visit medicare.gov