caringedge home health embracing the spirit of the holidays

With the holiday season upon us, it can be hard to find the joy and cheer we so deeply crave this time of year. For those in home care, hospice, or assisted living settings, however, the holidays may bring on additional challenges. Many public facilities may have less staff, reduced resources, and tight restrictions on visitors. As the providers of these vital services, it is up to us to ensure that our patients and the communities at large find ways to connect, rejoice, and celebrate, even amidst the ever-present challenges of the pandemic.

Whether they’re spreading light and joy through holiday concerts or caroling in the hallways, there are countless ways to encourage our patients and care recipients to find meaning in the holidays. We can use this season to bridge gaps between cultures, celebrate special gatherings of family and friends, and maybe find a holiday baking project to share with others. Comfort and joy could start with a kind word, heartfelt letter, a warm meal, or a socially-distanced visit.

It is our mission at CaringEdge Health Services to make the holidays special for our patients and their families, with a unique blend of personal, compassionate care and an array of organizations and initiatives devoted to making the holidays brighter for everyone in our extended network. Our private home health care companies and our elderly care home teams offer festive programs crossing cultural, religious, and social lines, and we work diligently with our local businesses, churches, and affiliates to provide meals, music, decorations, and the chance for our patients to enjoy the winter season together.

Volunteer Opportunities to Bring Holiday Cheer to Home Care Settings

The holiday season is a great time to reach out to our local communities to solicit or host an event like a Holiday Toy Drive, a Secret Santa program, or a special event for patients. The donation of gifts and food items, and the joy associated with holiday decorations brightens our facilities, and leads to smiles all around. We’ve found that having volunteers bring goodies, cards, decorations, food, books, or even play cards or offer an activity of their own helps spread cheer and a sense of family and holiday spirit.

Community Support for our Home Health, Hospice, and Assisted Living Settings

Beyond gifts and decorations, there are lots of creative and meaningful ways we can connect with our larger community. A few ideas that may spark joy in our centers include:

  • Making holiday ornaments, paintings, or special gifts
  • Creating holiday cards for troops, elderly friends, or loved ones
  • Sending out good wishes and holiday letters through friends and family
  • Hosting a virtual holiday party with stories, music, and dance
  • Organizing games, puzzles, and activities for residents
  • Coordinating caroling events and story-telling
  • Posting festive photos and video messages on social media
  • Making blankets or other items to donate to charities in need

At CaringEdge, we know the power of kindness and the significance of togetherness, especially during the holidays. We are proud to share in the holiday spirit and embrace the joy of the season through our services and local partnerships. This year, let’s step up and make the holidays brighter for everyone in our care and beyond.