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Summer months are so enjoyable and precious that most people want to soak up every second of the beautiful rays. It’s important to make memories while the weather is nice, but having some sense of safety before spending time outside can help you enjoy the season!

Drink Up:

While summer happy hours abound, it’s a good idea to use moderation with sugary sweet teas or those with a little kick. Too much sugar, caffeine, or alcohol can put you at risk for some unwanted souvenirs this summer!

Caffeine might help you stay up to enjoy everything from sunrises to fireworks at night. However, add some water alongside your coffee cup to stay balanced, as caffeine can cause dehydration.

Opt for refreshing beverages with fresh fruits and garnishes, and go easy on the sugary ones or cocktails. No one needs a UTI from lots of sugar or to risk a fall because the only beverage option contains alcohol. These can be tasty, but consider drinking them in moderation and alongside a glass of high-quality H20 for the win!

Staying Sun Safe:

The sun can provide us with many good things, but too much can backfire and keep you stuck indoors the next day. Sunburns are nothing to mess with.

Keep the SPF 30 handy, along with a hat. A cool pair of shades complements any look! Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen if you’re in and out of the water or spending a marathon amount of time outside. Keep some moisturizer handy after your day of basking, too.

Don’t Let the Bugs Get the Best of You!

The downside to picnics can be the ants—it’s inevitable. Thankfully, many sprays and even more natural options are available to help keep the pests away. Here are a few ideas:

Mosquito-Repelling Granules: There are several options on the market, but “Mosquito Beater” has great natural properties that can keep bugs away from your lawn without the chemical smell.

Bug Zappers: These come in several sizes, including fun tennis rackets for kiddos or adventurous adults. They are especially handy for the mosquitos that invade your home!

Citronella Candles: These tend to have less chemical scent and can add some nice ambiance to any patio party. Just remember to keep the kiddos and pets away from the flame.

Thermacells: These devices are available as lanterns and table décor and can be clipped to your belt. Each Thermacell contains a fuel cell and a small sheet coated with an insecticide that heats up, creating an almost odorless barrier for bugs. While very handy and effective outside, the components for Thermacells must be re-ordered to remain bug-free all summer.

Bug Spray: Good old-fashioned bug spray to the rescue can work wonders while you’re enjoying an evening outside. Consider keeping an extra can in the car so you’re armed and ready for the skeeters everywhere you go.

Clothing: Depending on your color preferences, a few scarf options and colorful bracelets containing bug repellent are available. For those adventuring deep in the woods, there are mosquito net suits and hats to keep you off the menu for the mosquitos.

Bite Relief: If you get mosquito, gnat, or horsefly bites, consider having an itch remedy handy. From lotions and sprays to small sticks that fit nicely in your purse, there are a few ways to alleviate the irritation. Tea tree oil rollers can be quite effective if you like a natural option.

Don’t Get Ticked! Wood ticks can be teeny-tiny these days. Cover yourself and use repellent if you like hiking in the woods or tall grasses. After your day, take a shower or bath to help reduce the risk of a tick bite.

If you get a tick bite, try to identify the type of wood tick that bit you and when you may have been bitten so you can follow up with your medical provider to create a care plan. Those little ticks can cause big problems, from paralysis to flu-like symptoms, so awareness is important.

Stay Safe All Year!

While summer safety tips are nice for the season, what about the rest of the year? Could you use some help to keep your strength so you can keep enjoying an active lifestyle? Are you struggling with staying balanced and strong or managing your health?

If you or a loved one is aging and beginning to feel the effects, and you’re worried about maintaining your independence, CaringEdge can help! From outpatient therapies to home health services, we can add a layer of safety and independence that can last throughout the year, and we can come to YOU. Connect with us at