I started my career with CaringEdge in April of 2019. Right out of college I was hired as an office clerk and over time promoted to office manager. I am proud to say I work for CaringEdge and am honored to still be part of the company almost four years later. They promote a great work-life balance while being incredibly flexible. Even through the difficult times of Covid-19, I was surrounded by a wonderful support system to make it through the tough days. I have made so many great memories and met some of the great people during my time at CaringEdge. I have a true sense of belonging and am forever grateful to have such a wonderful place to work. I truly feel valued and appreciated for all my hard work and I get great satisfaction in being in a role where I can make a small difference in someone’s life. The mission of providing precision senior housing and healthcare services is one of the most sacred trusts that exists in the healthcare field and based on our commitment to standards of excellence, we provide the care better than anyone else!